Chose Your Veles

Slavic god of nature and arcane knowledge of laws of nature, the god of magic. One look at this piece clearly suggests that the artist magically shaped this ''regal'' chair. It emanates strength and firmness (Volos/ Veles is also the god of cattle and the scientists claim that the Croatian word ''vol'' meaning the ox derives from the name as well). The left ear protruding from the back rest reminds us of an ox horn as well as the first letter of its name in Croatian. It is an interesting, asymmetrical but functional shape. The author played with geometrical shapes - the backrest portrays two stylized triangles while the armrests are shaped like two rectangles. The seat is decorated with annual rings and epoxides stretching from the centre to the edges which symbolize and mirror sun rays. The position of the legs suggests movement - because the God of nature is always in motion and cyclically maintains its balance.