Chose Your Svarun

The first chair author made and its name says it all - Svarun - the supreme Slavic deity responsible for the creation of all the world - this chair was the foundation upon which the rest of the furniture ideas were developed. It is – the source and the inspiration resulting in a new elegance, compactness, firmness and shapes. Just as the Slavic myth tells the following story - the father of all the gods, the heaven and earth dwelled in a golden cosmic egg which, under the influence of life forces, cracked and created light, ethereal primeval creator of heaven under which everything is born and takes place, the primeval god of light of the universe, Svarog - so did the artist’s genius matured while his artistic energy literally exploded once he began making this chair. The backrest is stylistically shaped to form the letter A - signifying the beginning of everything. The seat forms an extended circle and the ring texture matches its pattern from the darker centre to the purely light outer layers. It resounds with simplicity, wholeness and self-sufficiency so it lacks the armrests which in this case would be superfluous. A unique piece, just as Svarun is the one and only.