Unique chainsaw carved wooden functional sculpture usable as a multifunctional piece such as, tabouret, side table, night stand or even pedestal for your art. Carved from a single piece of wood and protected with the highest quality oils, ensuring durability for generations. Such unique handmade design will highlight your interior and bring comfort to your home, which makes it a perfect gift for yourself or someone you care for.


● Sculpted by Artist
● Made in Croatia
● Naturally suited to everyday use, entertaining or artful display
● Ready to be used
● 100% handmade and Eco Friendly product.
● Coated with high quality oil, easy to maintain.
● Finest Quality – Each item will go through a Quality Control process before shipping.
● Shipped in well secured box, every shipment is under insurance.
● Fast Shipping, usually arrives in 5-7days.


45H x 51W x 40L (cm)